Wipeable Water Mattress Cover



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This wipeable water mattress cover allows you to simply wipe off the table after each use. Everyone that uses the table will appreciate how much cleaner the product is and you save the time and resources it takes to launder cloth covers or towels.

Made out of a high-tenacity ripstop nylon designed specifically for higher strength, durability, and abrasion resistance. It has an attractive hexagon pattern and is thin enough to not reduce the impact of the jet pressure. You simply remove your existing cover, put the new wipeable one in its place, attach to the seat with the sewn on Velcro, and tuck it around the water mattress.

Every new table comes with this mattress cover.

They are available in black only. (45” x 31”)

You can still launder this cover, you just don’t have to or at least not as often. Wash on cold using a mild detergent, and no bleach. Dry on low heat.

Customer Comment:

The new covers have made patients more comfortable laying on the tables and reduced my constant washing of the cloth covers. I wish they had these 4 years ago! Totally worth the small outlay.

– Dr Andrei Razsadin